The funniest product placements on Korean dramas

The funniest product placements on Korean dramas

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterProduct placements in Korean dramas were the consistentpuppy peeves from their avid fans. Recently, a post about the funniest placements has been published! 

In a post on Today’s Humour, netizens have indexed down the funniest product placements they'vediscovered on their favorite Korean dramas. Amongthe preferred ones discussed are the peppers featured on the FoxyUnmarried Lady, the hen chain Chicken Maru on Innocent with Song Joong Ki coincidentally gambling the role of a guy named Maru, and a logo of a meat processing corporate on duration drama Jang Adequate Jung amongst many others.

Other incidences said were observed from Shining Inheritance where it promoted Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Dong Won’s Tuna on Naeil’s Cantabile. 

As the comments’ segmentused to be flooded via netizens, other funny produce placements spotted on dramas were Ryu Shampoo on Doctors, Yook Sunjae on a unicycle scooter and more.

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