Tearful Most-Watched Scene Raises “Doctors” Ratings

Tearful Most-Watched Scene Raises “Doctors” Ratings

Tearful Most-Watched Scene Raises Doctors Ratingskokoberry July 25, 2016 0 Tearful Most-Watched Scene Raises Doctors Ratings SBSs Doctors is once back first position in ratings among Monday-Tuesday dramas.

On July 26, ratings studiescorporate Nielsen Korea published the ratings for episodes that aired on July 25. Doctors won 19.2 % ratings, KBS2s StunningBraingot here in with 3.4 percent ratings, and MBCs Monster recorded 13.7 percent ratings respectively. Audience are wondering if the drama could beready to surpass 20 percent ratings.

The most-watched minute was once a scene with Park Shin Hye and Han Hye Jin. Han Hye Jin makes a cameo as a patient with locked-in syndrome which is a scientific condition involving paralysis yetthe facility to have awareness and carry out some eye movements.

Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) visits the patient and encourages her to open to the door to her healing.

Watch the touching scene below!

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