Watch: Seungri’s Self-Produced Song Tops The Charts in China

Watch: Seungri’s Self-Produced Song Tops The Charts in China

Watch: Seungris Self-Produced Music Tops The Charts in Chinaboxclub July 25, 2016 0 Watch: Seungris Self-Produced Track Tops The Charts in China BIGBANG’s Seungri has shown his prowess as a producer, with his song taking the #1 spot at the QQ Music Chart in China.

Seungri has been a mentor on the Chinese audition display “Girls Fighting” on Dragon Television and for the hot episode that aired on July 23, he carried out his self-produced track “36 Tricks of Love” with the contestants as the holelevel for the show. The song soon crowned the chart after its premiere.

The song “36 Tricks of Love” was onceat the beginning made by capability of popular Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai and became rearranged by Seungri. The episode showed him runningdemanding with his mentees as they ready for the opening stage. Now nothandiest was the functionality a good fortuneyet once the song was released on July 24, it in an instant reachthe head of the QQ Music Chart in China. Moreover, he trended the pinnacle of the charts on Weibo as well, with “Girls Fighting” taking the number 1 spot and “Seungri 36 Tricks of Love” taking the 3rd spot.

After his song hit the number one position, Seungri took to either his Instagram and Weibo to write a message to his fans. On Weibo, he wrote, “After waking up, I saw that my first Chinese song took number one on the music charts. The ability of the Chinese fanatics is actually amazing and I’m so thankful. I could beready to continue to paintings hard and provefantastic stages and songs.”

“Girls Fighting” airs each and every Saturday on Dragon TV and contains3 other popular stars Huang Xiaoming, Hu Haiquan, and Chen Yufan.

Check out the performance of the song below!

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