KCON Manhattan 2016 Attractiveness Booths Section 2   3 Cosmetic Giveaways

KCON Manhattan 2016 Attractiveness Booths Section 2 3 Cosmetic Giveaways

KCON Los angeles 2016 presented through Toyota is besta couple of days clear of July 29 to July 31 at the Staples Center. To get you in a position for it, HanCinema has one finalgood looks booth feature to proportion from KCON New york 2016. We willhave a look at Zazen Bear, Glow Recipe, MustaeV, Duft Doft with cosmetic vlogger Sarang. Do notdisregard that at the ground of this text are 3possibilities to win beauty products! And now to explore some amazing Korean beauty and skin care companies.

AdvertisementThe quietZazen Bearbooth sticks out amongst the stark contrast between dark and light, and on account ofit is adorable white bear with black eyes. It radiates a calm ambience that reflects an inward Zen spirit this isreflected by its jewellery and house decor. Aiming to meet our insidewishes for serenity, tranquility, and harmony, Zazen Undergo strives to presentanything for everyone's day by day lives.

This booth was oncevigorous and active and the display screenof goodsbecameblank and fresh, mimicking Glow Recipe's "natural" theme. Sarah Lee and Christine Chang's web site that sells natural, harsh-free beauty and skincare products had been featured in the likes of Marie Claire and Vogue. Winners of Shark Tank, Lee and Chang have 20years of beauty experienced mixed and use that to detail explanations of use of product in video and blog formats, reasons for use, and score products opposed toinflexible beauty standards. Clickhereto test IT out.

MusteaVis a makeupemblem that has observed the insides of many Cheongdamdong salons, walked Seoul's Style Week, and has been implemented by prestigious makeup artists. Makeup artists in Cheongdamdong paintings to constnatly refine and expand MustaeV makeup. It seeks to producethe maximum up to date trends among the elite, the idols, and people whoassist create Korea pop culture beauty trends. It be booth was colorful and at all timesin the center of a amusing makeover.

Duft Doftis a Korean skincare brand that's safely tested and born of herbal ingredients and packaged in recyclable boxes. Its products be offeringquite a fewmild fragrances.

Korean beauty vloggerSarangperformed makeovers in the Duft Doft booth. You'llto find her on Youtubeherewhere she provides highly polished, stylized makeup and hair styling tutorials. The voiceovers are in Korean and the subtitles are in English and Korean for intercontinental use.

Contuining the giveaways, we've got more amazing beauty products from MustaeV, Blossom Jeju, The Face Shop, Duft Doft, and E Nature. Those three gift bags are your last opportunity to win! Make certain youinput to win chocolates from the picture. Please observe the instructionsunderto cross into and win!