Kim Hyeon-joo to famous person in

Kim Hyeon-joo to famous person in "Fantastic" as a terminally sick writer

Actress Kim Hyeon-joo is starring in the recent JTBC drama "Fantastic".

According to a promotional company, she's starring in "Fantastic" as a terminally sick writer.

"Fantastic" is a romantic comedy about a creator named Lee So-hye and a psychotic Hallyu celebrity named Ryu Hae-seong. They revel ina quickyet heated romance with every other.

The drama is written by way of Lee Seong-eun and directed by Jo Nam-gook.

Kim Hyeon-joo plays a success Lee So-hye who is understood for her drama writing skills. She lives her lifestyles to the fullest in spite of her sickness and she's also a weakling by way of family.

With five months to live, she makes a decision to are living the time she has left to the maximum efficient and die a complicated death. Earlier than that, she reunites with Ryu Hae-seong who interferes with her plans.

"Fantastic" might be released at the2d of September.