TRENDING Suicidal lady defeats depression with her love for EXO

TRENDING Suicidal lady defeats depression with her love for EXO

33kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter A 2nd year centercollege girl, who is an avid fan of EXO, and her mother, who didnt like the reality that she was once an EXO-L, were featured on SBS Same Bed, Other Dreams

The young fan, Songji, confessed she spends 24 hours of her day thinking and observing EXO and her momturned intounsatisfied and may justno longernotice why she spent such a lot of her time and cash on EXO and purchasing EXO comparable products.

At this point Songji confessed the realexplanation whyin the back of her love of EXO. She printedthat once she was in 6th grade, her oldsters did no longer have much time for her because of the fact that her older sister was very sick. She had to take care of the loneliness and the depression that got here amongst it by potential of herself. She confessed that she even attempted to harm herself as the finish result of her depression.

Thats when she stumbled on EXO and discoveredsafety and a feeling of network in their fandom. She mentioned that by turning into a fan she have become more social with her palsspeaking to them about EXO.

Chanyeol even seemed equally a wonder guest for Songji.

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