Han Go-eun talks about married lifestyles on JTBC

Han Go-eun talks about married lifestyles on JTBC "Talk To You", Kim Je-dong 'jealous'

Actress Han Go-eun mentioned her married life.

She was once featured in the JTBC Televisiondisplay "Talk To You" as a guest at the 24th.

She changed into told she looked more than happy and she stated she gets told that a lot.

She said, "It's assuring to understandyou've gotany individual to depend on. I suffered from insomnia, yet now I wouldn't havesufficient time to sleep. I bestthese dayswere given married, so all I have to mention are just right things".

An target market member stated that she thinks checkswill have to be terminated for fundamentalcollegescholars as they be afflicted bypressure but Han Go-eun said otherwise.

She explained, "Exams are intended for academics to check in how much a student has understood in his or her educational career. What ought toexchange is the manner grown-ups think".

"It's the grown-ups that grade and rank the students. They want toswap the way they suspect and educate".