Spoiler "Yeah, That is How It Is" sets list after two consecutive episodes

"Yeah, That is How It Is" stimulated each person with mother's tears.

The forty-seventh and forty-eighth episode of the SBS weekend drama "Yeah, That's How It Is", rated 11.3% and 14.2% respectively.

Both numbers were listing breakers in the metropolitan area.

Hye-kyeong (Kim Hae-sook) anxiously waited around for her daughter Se-hee (Yoon Soy) to come around after she was once badly injured in a vehicle accident. At the forty-seventh and forty-eighth episode, Kim Hae-sook played a large part. Her 'motherly' tears changed intoadequateto narrate with the viewers. SBS drama "Yeah, That's How It Is" may also beobservedeach Saturday and Sunday at 8:45PM.