Spoiler "The Flower in Prison" Jin Se-yeon escapes Haejoo thank you to Choi Tae-joon

Jin Se-yeon controlled to get out of the Haejoo Provincial Office.

On the twenty-fifth episode of the MBC drama "The Flower in Prison", Ok-nyeo (Jin Se-yeon) searched forsome way to proudly leave the Haejoo Provincial Administrative center and go back to Hanyang in its place of running away.

Ji Cheon-deuk (Jeong Eun-pyo), Jeon Woo-chi (Lee Se-chang) and Ko Dae-gil (Lee Jeong-yong) heard that Ok-nyeo used to be alive and headed to Haejoo. Ji Cheon-deuk told Ok-nyeo, "I am never going back to Hanyang alone. I'm taking you with me even thoughthat implies running". However, Ok-nyeo said, "We cannot run forever. I am thinking of a method to get out of here". She told him her plan of having on the nicefacet of the govt officials who are attending the village festival soon and the use of that so that you could return to Hanyang. "I wantthe onesother folks on my side".

Seong Ji-hyeon (Choi Tae-joon) reunited with Ok-nyeo faster than thought. He returned early to take revenge on Yoon Won-hyeong and Yoon Tae-won. He asked how she turned into going get out of the ara and Ok-nyeo told him his plan.

The day came overyet Ok-nyeo did not meet Lord Jejo. The individualanswerable for the festival hadn't showed up yet and if that was the case, the festival had to be cancelled. Ok-nyeo claimed she may just do it and se passed the examine Lee Ji-ham (Joo Jin-mo) gave her. She took where of the man in price and met the Lord Jejo.

After the festival, Lord Jejo called Ok-nyeo in and asked her to solve a question. She did and Jejo didn't hesitate to compliment her.