Spoiler "Happy Home" Kim So-yeon abandons Lee Sang-woo and moves in with Lee Pil-mo

On the forty-fourth episode of the MBC drama "Happy Home", Kim So-yeon discovered out from Search engine marketing Yi-sook (Jang Kyeong-ok) that Lee Sang-woo operated on her son.

Kim So-yeon asked Lee Sang-woo what took place and all he statedwas once "Sorry" back and again. Kim So-yeon returned home and cried with her son's image in her arms.

Lee Sang-woo called Lee Pil-mo (Yoo Hyeon-ki) and asked him to test on Kim So-yeon.

Lee Pil-mo comforted Kim So-yeon by way of saying, "I am a father too. I made certain Seo-jin did not have a chance".

"You didn't exchange at all. You watchedyou are thejust one suffering and you do not run across or pay attention others next to you. Do you understand hownerve-racking that is? Seo-jin may not like that at all". He left her.

Then in the preview, Kim So-yeon went to Lee Pil-mo's space and said, "I am going to save you".

Meanwhile, Won Mi-kyeong (Baek Sook-nyeo) told Kim Young-cheol (Bong Sam-bong) that she sought after a divorce.

Won Mi-kyeong packed up her things when she could not get via to Kim Young-cheol and told him she'd see him in court.

Kim Young-cheol yelled at her that she'd never be readyto come home if she left.

Won Mi-kyeong swung her first at him and had a legal professional sent to him in the preview.