Spoiler "Five Children" So Yoo-jin VS Song Ok-sook

So Yoo-jin had a quarrel.

On the July 24th broadcast of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "Five Children", Mi-jeong (So Yoo-jin) used to bedisappointedas a result of Ok-soon (Song Ok-sook) who became Soo (Jo Hyeon-do) and Bin's (Kwon Soo-jeong) mom and Sang-tae's (Ahn Jae-wook) mother-in-law.

Bin sought aftergreatgarments from the dep.shopyet Mi-jeong just could notfind the cash for to get her dresses that expensive. Sang-tae asked her if she purchased Bin's clothing but Mi-jeong said, "I needed to despite the truth that IT was expensive..." but Sang-tae said, "Why did you purchase them because you went the entirefar more than there?" Mi-jeong felt upset and said, "Woo-joo and I truly likepricey clothes, too, but a couple of summer clothes fee over 500 thousand won! Woo-joo and I do not even wish tomove to the branch store. I handiest wanted to shop for apparel from there as it was Bin".

In the end, Mi-jeong went to the department store and acquired a get dressed for Bin. The youngsters had tutoring that day so Mi-jeong offered ingredients for snack too. Though Soon-ae (Seong Byeong-sook) complained about it, Mi-jeong said, "I don't love it as well but she's the children's grandmother. I will notoverlook that she exists between me and the kids".

Mi-jeong visited the children at where they were studying. Ok-soon held onto her and told het to glance atthe teens work. Mi-jeong felt uncomfortable being around Woo-yeong (Jeong Yoon-seok) and Woo-ri (Kwak Ji-hye) but Ok-soon asked, "Can I pay your electric and water bill?" Regarding the time Bin were given scolded because she did not turn off the lights. Mi-jeong suppressed her anger and said, "I am seeking to teach my children to save power and it is not or so the money". Mi-jeong walked out taking a look like she was going to car.

Sang-tae saw her and went into his house, telling Ok-soon to stay her industry off from his family. Min-ho got up abruptly and yelled at Sang-tae to apply him to the rooftop. However, it was just a display to preserve Ok-soon calm. Min-ho then asked Sang-tae courteously to be wonderful to Ok-soon.