Police statement,

Police statement, "The lady who sued Lee Jin-wook could be innocent"

The police are having a look into the probabilities of actor Lee Jin-wook's accuser being innocent.

Seoul Soo-seo police printed that they wondered this girltwo times on July 22nd and 23rd.

Police say chances of the accuser being blameless on false accusation are moderately high.

This woman's attorney announced that he would now not exist representing her criminal event anymore on July 23rd.

The discovery of new information, otherperspectives on how the case must be handled and destroy to the courting of agree with between the attorney and the buyer has resulted in this conclusion.

Meanwhile, in the undies that the accuser submitted to the police as evidence, Lee Jin-wook's DNA used to be found, yetit is notample to turn out that force becomeinterested by the sexual intercourse.

The accuser claimed that she met Lee Jin-wook viaa chumat the 12th of July but later he followed her house and raped her. She pressed fees on July 14th.

Lee Jin-wook countersued her for false accusations on July 16th.