Ordinary Koreans, Eastern Warm to Each and every Other

Koreans and Eastern are taking a more certain view of one another than ago even as age-old resentments between their governments fester, a survey suggests. Yetthe full feeling is still negative on either sides.

The ballotused to be released through the East Asia Institute in Korea and Genron NPO from Japan in a joint press convention Wednesday. It reveals that some 21.3 % of Koreans have a favorable affect of Japan, up from ultimate year's 15.7 percent.

In Japan, some 29.1 percent have a favorable impression of Koreans, up from 23.8 percent last year. But some 62.3 percent of Koreans and 50.9 percent of Japanese acknowledgedpresentfamily members between the 2 countries are bad.

Lee Sook-jong of the EAI speculated that the developmentmay neatly bebecause of an uneasy fresh thaw between the two governments.

Indeed, most effective 36.6 percent of Japanese now have a negative impression of Korean President Park Geun-hye, down from last year's 48.3 percent. But in Korea 79.4 percent have a negative impression of Japan's far-right Top Minister Shinzo Abe, very equivalent to final year's 80.5 percent.

The younger, the simpler the mutual impression. Some 30.7 percent of Koreans between 20 and 29 have a favorable impression of Japan, when put nextto an insignificant 13.8 percent of the ones over 60.

In Japan 43.4 percent of folksbelow twenty and 33.3 percent of theseelderly 20 to 29 have a positive impression of Korea, in comparison to 22.7 percent of those over 60.

Meanwhile, individuals on each side of the water were united in fearing the worst for regional safety if Republican nominee Donald Trump becomes U.S. president, with 60.9 percent of Japanese and 56.4 percent of Koreans.

The EAI and Genron NPO have conducted the poll every year since 2013.

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