EXO’s Kai Opens Up About What Tune And Dance Are To Him

EXO’s Kai Opens Up About What Tune And Dance Are To Him

EXOs Kai Opens Up About What Track And Dance Are To Himjun2yng July 23, 2016 0 EXOs Kai Opens Up About What Music And Dance Are To Him On July 24, GQ Korea published a photo shoot with EXO’s Kai by the use of social media.

During an interview with the magazine, Kai says, “Red is my favourite color. It has not anything to do with me, yetI like that whilst you see it, it’s a ‘color.’ But in my closet, you’ll in findingnumerous white and black.”

When asked why he dances, Kai says, “Rather than there being a selected reason why, you have to tell that it was onceanythingherbal for me. My oldsters let me locate what I sought after to do on my own. Luckily. I went to so much of hagwons (private academies). I went to them all, and from the primary day I used to be at an academy for jazz dance, I danced like crazy.”

Kai says that he feels he changed intointended to dance: “It in truth wasn’t something I chose. Naturally, such a lotin order that anemay tell from the instant I was born, dance was there, in my first memories. Instead ofannouncing that circulation and dancing makes me happy, I wish to say that my first memories were of dance.”

On music, Kai says he’s at all timespaying attention to music, but doesn’t wish to say music is his friend, or all the time his companion. “It’s truly important, but at the similar time it’s nothing. It’s just a organic state. I don’t think there’s a want to put which means to it.”

He says he may dance to anything. “I can dance even though there’s no music. I just want sound. If somebody next to me says something like ‘I drank water today, I drank water and then my abdomen hurt.’ If they just say that I'll dance. I suspect I similar to sound,” and says that lately, he’s been hearing Mura Masa a lot.

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