Watch: Girls Generations Taeyeon Says Shes A big Fan Of Unnies And Sisters Slam Dunk

Watch: Girls Generations Taeyeon Says Shes A big Fan Of Unnies And Sisters Slam Dunk

Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Says She’s A big Fan Of Unnies And “Sister’s Slam Dunk”ilmare42 July 22, 2016 0 Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Says She’s A Monumental Fan Of Unnies And “Sister’s Slam Dunk” On July 22’s episode of “Sister’s Slam Dunk,” the forgedparticipants make a consult with to Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon behind the scenes at “Music Bank”!

This week’s episode follows the forged equally they get readyto accomplish their first are livingfunctionality as the ladycrew Unnies, whilst they’re still reeling from the buzz of achieving beginningpositionat the charts.

As Taeyeon used to beselling her track “Why” at the similar time as Unnies becameadvertising their marvel hit song “Shut Up” (for the primary and closing time), naturally Tiffany took the remainder of the cast to satisfy her BFF Taeyeon in her dressing room.

After they do their formal introductions, Unnies offers Taeyeon a reproductionin their single, which they’re embarrassed about because it’s just a CD in a plastic case, as it wasn’t officially released as a physical album. Nevertheless, Taeyeon looks inspired and congratulates them on their debut. She then offers them all copies of her own album, and the members get manifestlygreen with envy over the quality of it.

Kim Sook says to Tiffany and Taeyeon, “You guys are best possible friends, right?” and Tiffany replies, “That’s right!” Taeyeon jokes, “We’re nearly a married couple.”

Hong Jin Kyung then starts to shower Taeyeon with such so much of compliments about her new song that Taeyeon looks just a little overwhelmed, and the others laugh because Hong Jin Kyungs tone sounds like shes annoyed about it.

“I’ve been staring atall of your episodes,” says Taeyeon. “Ever since the 1st one.” She also tells Hong Jin Kyung that she enjoyed her noted Cleopatra makeup, and Tiffany laughs and says that Taeyeon loved it such a lot she storedpictures of it. “I’m actually into makeup!” says Taeyeon.

The members then ask her for some tips about how to appear charismatic on stage. Taeyeon suggests that they do what she does and think about the camera at the finish as despite the reality that saying, “Wasn’t I great?”.

Taeyeon also tells them that she knows how challenging they’ve worked on this, and has been having a lookahead to seeing them perform. “She even watched our dance prepare video with me!” Tiffany tells them.

Watch Taeyeons appearance on Sisters Slam Dunk below!

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