“Produce 101” PD Below  Fireplace For Calling Display  Healthy Pornography

“Produce 101” PD Below Fireplace For Calling Display Healthy Pornography

Produce 101 PD BelowFireplace For Calling DisplayHealthy Pornographykokoberry July 21, 2016 0 Produce 101 PD Under Fire For Calling Show Wholesome Pornography Produce 101 PD Han Dong Chul is under fire for his words about the hit survival show.

His interview with Prime Cut magwas oncefound outthese days and surprised many.

The interview asked Han Dong Chul, The male edition of Produce 101 could bepopping outyet wont men exist uninterested? So do you've got a secret plan to draw male viewers?

The PD answered, If a program is forged and arranged well, folkswithout reference to gender watch. The factor is with quality. The explanation why nosotros did the feminine version first is, I dont know the wayto specific it. It turned into from the idea that we had to create wholesome pornography for males. (laughs) Whenever youglance at the contestants, they seem to be your more youthful sister or niece but arent they cute? I sought after to make that taste of pornography. The male version will likewise be made to be pornography for females. In the past, they called Rains functionality videos pornography for women. The male version of Produce 101 will satisfy that roughly fantasy. If its also amusing then males will also watch. The male version has negativeenergy and soI believeit's going to be a lot more fun.

Netizens have criticized his remarks pronouncing comments like It form of feels like hes asserting it satisfies males fantasies, but there are contestants who are minors so its highly beside the point and I dont notice how he may justattach pornography to lovely contestants who are like young sisters and nieces.

What are your mind on his comments?

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