Lee Seo-jin,

Lee Seo-jin, "I would like to marry anyone I will commute with"

Actor Lee Seo-jin wear a traveler's look.

The actor lately went from traveling icon to program host and was once featured in the August factor of Cosmopolitan.

This pictorical become taken in Austria. Lee Seo-jin looks comfy and relaxed in his traveler's outfit; striped knitted most sensible amongst glasses and backpack. He also wore white pants with a matching scarf.

In the subsequent interview, Lee Seo-jin acknowledgedhe is been a willing traveler and that he needs to marry somebody he can commute with. He also loves videossuch a lot that there is most likely nota film he hasn't watched yet. That is how he dreamt of converting into an actor and his love for tune is so large he would travel in a foreign country just to peer a concert. "After I made up our minds to do what was absolute best for me and what I want, I do not get stressed. I also feel chuffed with myself the more I am getting older".