Ryu Jun Yeol Says Good-bye To “Lucky Romance” Fans

Ryu Jun Yeol Says Good-bye To “Lucky Romance” Fans

Ryu Jun Yeol Says Good-bye To Fortunate Romance Fanatics JiwonYu July 21, 2016 0 Ryu Jun Yeol Says Goodbye To Lucky Romance Fans Ryu Jun Yeol did a wonderare living broadcast to mentionhi to his fans!

On July 21, Ryu Jun Yeol did a Facebook live broadcast where he mentioned wrapping up his drama Lucky Romance.

He starts off, Lucky Romance has done instantly and I just were given done with an interview. Im satisfied and unhappy at the similar fourth dimension thinking that I need to let pass of Su Ho now. I did such so much of interviews after being done with Answer 1988 that it took me some time to let go of Jung Hwan, yet Im sad that the interview for Lucky Romance is handiest one take. I am hoping y'all guys take into accout him for a long time.

He continues, I can beready toaccept as true with that you guys will don't forget Su Ho and let him go comfortably. If any of you meet me in the streets, dont be afraid to assert hi. Please remainpleased and thank you such a lot for loving Lucky Romance. I used to becapable ofend information technologyneatlythank you to you.

He also hints his fans of his next works, saying, My next movieis known as The King (working title). At the moment Im filming Taxi Driving force (working title). You will have tonow notomitthose two films. Please be patient and be excited for it.

Lastly, he ends with, I admire you~ and says goodbye to his fans.

Meanwhile, Lucky Romance finished its run on July 14. You'll watch the remaining episode below!

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