Spoiler 'Wanted' Lee Jae-kyoon meets Hyosung:

Spoiler 'Wanted' Lee Jae-kyoon meets Hyosung: "I've were given one remaining thing to do"

On the episode 10 of SBS' Wednesday Thursday drama, "Wanted", the kidnapper (Lee Jae-kyoon) disguised himself as a physician and got hereto look the victim, Park Bo-yeon to apologized to her.

Once he disguised himself as a doctor, the kidnapper may justpassthroughout the police safety line without any problem. As he faced Park Bo-yeon, he concealedthe harshfacet of a assassin and apologized to her pronouncing gently, "I am sorry. This will have tono longer takecame about to you".

Park Bo-yeon feeling intimidated grew to become her head clear of him. He said, "I've were given one final thing to do. I should now not have much time". And then he asked her to pass a mysterious memo to Cha Seung-in (Ji Hyeon-woo).