Son Ye-jin on Starring in Large  Historic Epic

Son Ye-jin on Starring in Large Historic Epic

Son Ye-jin made an appearance at a press preview of her newestmovie "The Ultimate Princess" overdue terminal month.

Directed via Heo Jin-ho, the film is an adaptation of the bestselling novel of the similarname by Kwon Bi-young.

The actress told newshounds she felt a feeling of obligation every bit it was once her first time gambling a historic figure.

Son plays Princess Deokhye (1912-1989), the last princess of the Korean Empire who became exiled to Japan as a sort of hostage to the empire-builders.

"The toughphase was working out how to correctlycombine what I knew from documentaries and the historical listing with what I felt she would have done", Son said.

Heo is easiest known for directing such romantic melodramas as "Christmas in August" and "One Spring Fine Day".

Switching to a historical epic was without a doubt a stretch.

"I wished an actress who can painting the princess from early life to old age, and I assumed in Son's craft", He said.

Son's co-star is Park Hae-il, who plays an independence fighter on a project to bring the princess back to Korea.

"The reports of other folksright through the duration when they had to chance their lives to cry out for Korea's independence broke my heart", he said.

The film is scheduled for free up in August.