No Min Woo Loses Lawsuit Opposed to SM Entertainment

No Min Woo Loses Lawsuit Opposed to SM Entertainment

No Min Woo Loses Lawsuit Opposed to SM Entertainmentjun2yng July 21, 2016 0 No Min Woo Loses Lawsuit Against SM Entertainment No Min Woo’s criminal dispute with SM Entertainment has after all reached an end. On July 21, it used to beprinted that the superstar lost his break suit against SM.

In November 2015, No Min Woo sued SM for repayment of damages incurred because of SM’s deficientcontrolwhilst No Min Woo changed into amongst TRAX — from 2004 to 2006 — as smartly equally afterward. “After I left TRAX, SM Entertainment didn’t do any leadership at all. Now nothandiest did they not be offering me any opportunities to do song or act, they careworngeneratingadministrators and production corporate executives and interfered in my entertainment activities,” acknowledged No Min Woo.

During the trial, No Min Woo claimed, “According to SM’s demands, I agreed to increase my exclusive contract, and the completeduration of the contract comes to about 17 years. After signing an unfair contract in which copyright for any customary compositions or musical productions were SM’s for 10 years, I didn'tget preserve ofanything else in return. As a result, the exclusive contract should be invalid, as it is going against social order.”

No Min Woo also cited mental stress, having had to play the drums even as a guitarist and having his activities interfered with.

However, the court ruling states that, because of theinadequate evidence, they are not able to rule the contract between SM and No Min Woo invalid. The court also said evidence proving SM’s careless management and interference in No Min Woo’s entertainment paintings was insufficient.

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