5 Removed Contestants From “Produce 101” Forming Task  Staff I.B.I

5 Removed Contestants From “Produce 101” Forming Task Staff I.B.I

5 Removed Contestants From Produce 101 Forming AssignmentWorkforce I.B.Ijun2yng July 21, 2016 0 5 Eliminated Contestants From Produce 101 Forming Project Organization I.B.I After the finish of “Produce 101,” lovers made an imaginary project group consisting of five eliminated contestants, and Loen Entertainment has spoke back to the fan love; the five individuals are lately at paintings on an album, which is slated for free upsomeday mid-August.

The group, consisting of members Han Hyeri (12th place; Big name Empire), Lee Soohyun (13th place; no affiliation), Kim Sohee (15th place; Track Works), Yoon Chaekyung (16th place; DSP), and Lee Haein (17th place; no affiliation), is known as I.B.I, that are the English initials for the Korean notethat means “ordinary person.”

Production investment team manager Hwang Tae Yeon from Loen said, “I.B.I is in realitya collection made by capacity of the public. So as to create this chance for those members, who are having a lookahead to their own debuts, we worked at the aspect of everyone’s agencies to align schedules and opinions, and recently made the general decision.”

Loen’s Choi Jae Woo stated that in position of marketing for the song, they are specializing in introducing every member, and making their music heard yet one more time.

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