Red Velvet’s Irene glares in disapproval at smoker

Red Velvet’s Irene glares in disapproval at smoker

26kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter At a contemporary event, Red Velvets Irene showed her disapproval of thoughtless smokers thru her eyes. 

Photos showed that whilst the body of workers and the alternativecontributors of her crew were getting ready, Irene spotteda guy smoking in public close to her and her group. As the guy inhaled from his cigarette and proceeded to hang the cigarette at the back of his back, Irene used to beobviously uncomfortable with the situation.

At first, the SM Entertainment singer simply glared at the man, yet then proceeded to hide her nose and mouth as well, signaling her disapproval. Fans realize her movements and showed their sympathy and strengthen for her, in addition their disapproval against the smoker. The photos can also bediscovered below:

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690, 7 Man I can be able to feel her hate ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ she will have to accept

653, 7 Truthfully the guy in the image is digusting how dare he smoke like that infront of none smokers.

580 , 35 I turned into a fan once I saw this image.Look at Irenes fave she would have to HATE smokers.

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