Underage Kim So-hyeon-I's kiss scene in

Underage Kim So-hyeon-I's kiss scene in "Bring It On, Ghost"

tvN drama "Bring It On, Ghost" released some issuesto glance at out for in the drama: from the colour of the drama to the chemistry between Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I.

The production of "Bring It On, Ghost" told Television Report, "The reaction for "Bring It On, Ghost" is beautifuljust right so far".

"Bring It On, Ghost" rated 5.2% at the first episode and Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I are a hit. Taecyeon stars as shaman Bong-pal and Kim So-hyeon-I as a ghost named Hyeon-ji.

The two quarreled since the instant they met yet they soon joined forces for their goals.

The production said, "Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I were possessed by ability of their characters and are doing an excellent job. They get along neatlyand they're so cheerful on set".

Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I even had a kiss scene together. However, Kim So-hyeon-I is underage, so there were concerns. The production said, "In the drama she's a teenager, but she's a ghost that is been dead for five years. She's in reality a year older than Bong-pal who is 21 years old. However, we canbe certain that the audiencedo not feel uncomfortable about it".

Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I are in control of 'comic' and 'horror' but this guy is accountable for 'mystery' Hye-seong (Kwon Yul) is the youngest university professor in the drama. He's a psychopath who is other in and out.

The production went over the direction of the drama. "We added realism to the drama and there can be more comic, romance and horror in the future".

"Bring It On, Ghost" is ready Park Bong-pal who makes a living off battling ghosts and a ghost named Hyeon-ji who died reading her entireexistence but never were givento take a seat down for the varsityfront exams.