Spoiler "W" Han Hyo-joo is going into the web-toon global and saves Lee Jong-suk

Han Hyo-joo stored Lee Jong-suk.

On the primary episode of the MBC drama "W", resident physician Oh Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) gets summoned by way of Professor Park (Heo Jeong-do) who tells her to get the spoiler to her father's web-toon "W".

She relates with the professor by telling him that she is partial to the male personality Kang Cheol in "W". She laughed and said, "Who does not like him? He is so sexy".

Professor Park told her he would let her open up and close a patient's chest throughoutsurgical operation if she discovered out the spoiler. Oh Yeon-joo could notlend a handyetfeel free and called her father's student Park Soo-bong (Lee Si-eon) and asked him for the spoiler.

However, Soo-bong shocked her with the scoop that her father has been lackingbecause the day before. Yeon-joo idea her father had just left to transparent his head in sorrow that he had to let move of a character he'd been running on for 10 years. But Soo-bong showed Yeon-joo an image of the finishing of the drama and said, "He attempted to kill Kang Cheol finally and acknowledged it used to be his want to have him killed".

Just then, a couple of bloody hands popped out of the web-toon and dragged Yeon-joo into the picture. Yeon-joo did notcheck in that she became in a web-toon international and found Kang Cheol laying subconscious and bloody on the rooftop of a hotel. She used the stairs to name 119 and saved him.