Suga of BTS to Free up Solo Mixtape Early August

Suga of BTS to Free up Solo Mixtape Early August

Naverhas just reported thatSugaofBangtan Boys-also known asBTS-will be freeing his long awaited mixtape early next month. He has been making ready this mixtape for years and has been pushing back the unencumber date so as to best it to his expectations.

Suga has been known to be very all for BTS's tune composition and lyrics-seen from his contribution to songs like 'Dead Leaves', 'Tomorrow', 'Just One Day', 'I Like It', 'Fun Boys', and masses of more.

Fans-ARMYs-have long awaited the release of his mixtape, and the prolong of its release has been the theme of running jokes for the fandom.

AdvertisementHe ishas achieved recording the MV, and it's miles in its final stages of preparation.

I'm indubitablyhaving a lookahead to this, are you? What are your favourite songs that Suga has contributed to?

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