Hong Sang-soo's wife,

Hong Sang-soo's wife, "He does not have a green card, I would perhaps not divorce him"

Director Hong Sang-soo's wife acknowledged that her husband did not take residency in the States when she was once asked about the rumors of his secret marriage with Kim Min-hee.

She said, "I have not said anything, yetthere were exclusive interviews of me here and there. It is like I have been going around making things up. It looks as if I've been going around speaking toeach and every reporter and now other people hate me".

"I never said anything elsereminiscent of waiting around for Kim Min-hee to get married. Any personis attempting to write a tale here".

About the reports that Hong Sang-soo and Kim Min-hee were given secretly married in the States, she said, "We wouldn't have residency there. Or not it's been twenty years since we gave that up. He can not go IT back back and I would in all probability not divorce him".