Interview "Trick" Kang Ye-won, "A film is a director's art"

Kang Ye-won has superhobby and affection for movies. One reason why that isn't an overstatement is because she does notselect her paintings for success. It's going toappear to be she did notcome upon operate that didn't reflect her opinion as much, yet equally time is going by, she chooses her work for the 'work' itself.

"My Recurring Love Story" used to be highly reviewed for the functionality of the forged and the director's fantastic employment but the film itself wasn't a perfect success. KBS 2TV "Baek-hee is Back" wasn't a luck either but she made a stance. There has beena huge number ofcommunicate that "Baek-hee is Back" become precisely a plot to shop for time for "Beautiful Mind". It was handiest4 episodes long and it was taken so suddenly, but Kang Ye-won did it.

What about the motion picture "Trick"? Kang Ye-won takes at the part of Kim Tae-hoon's (Kim Do-joon) wife and a former theater actress housewife Choi Yeong-ae. Her lifestylesadjustments when program director Lee Seok-jin (Lee Jeong-jin) asks her demise husband to megastar in "Sick Diaries".

An interview was held with the actress in a caf in Palpan-dong. We mentionedvideos and her well-being.

Below are questions and answers of Kang Ye-won.

Q: We wonder why you selected "Trick".

I lovedthe perspective and the role of being in a documentary in the scenario. I actually like documentaries so I watched even more for the movie. I used to be also curious what it may be like if my husband was dying from cancer. Looking aftersomebody alongside cancer made me feel like I was getting sick too.

Q: Do you've got a same old of opting for your work? You may have been in totallyotherfilms from "My Standard Love Story" and "Insane", even "Baek-hee is Back".

I didn't mean to, but I did. I was in a drama, too. I do it if I think up for it. In "Baek-hee is Back", I felt that the keypersonality was like me. On occasion 1would like to just let it all go, but I need tocome back up. I do not just settle onanything because it could do well. I at all timesselectwhat ismost sensible for me.

I am worried that I've been in too many works continuously. Not the entire thing goes my way. UsuallyI select something I want, even supposing information technology doesn't determineand infrequently it's the wrong way around. What I could bein a position to do though, is do my best.

Q: Do you state your evaluations frankly to the director?

I don't trespass on his inclination. He wrote it so he should know what he is doing. I just put my religion in him. A film is a director's art. An actor just fills it up. Often I do tell the director what I think, but I check outnow not to interfere.

Q: Do you ever take into consideration making your own movie?

I did sooner than and I believeit is aexcellentconcept to percentage ideas. But it's frightening when something you planned to your head doesn't become right. I can convenience myself announcing 'it's alright, there could be always the following train' but that is notsufficient for me.

Q: What's your next work going to be?

Something simple. I feelI'm going to commute for a little bit first. I had 2 hours of sleep dailyall through "Baek-hee is Back". I learned how thankful I was for 'sleep'. Making the drama was amusing too.