Media names 10 starts who highly resembles Pokmon

Media names 10 starts who highly resembles Pokmon

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNintendo has unleashed some othertechnology of the Pokémon craze onto the sector with their newest AR (Augmented Reality) app game, Pokémon Go. While in South Korea, the sport is these daysno longer widely to be hadbecause of restrictions on Google Maps, which the game is based heavily on, there are still explicitspaces in the rustic where the game can also be played.

Several Korean celebrities have already jumped onto the loopyadding EXOs Chanyeol, Jung Joon Young and BEAST Junhyung.

And so, X Sports News has compiled an inventory of known stars in South Korea who resemble those popular monsters. (And watch the epic evolving of Charmander to Charizard.)

◆ Cyndaquil  Countless Sungkyu

◆ Charmander Large Junior Donghae

◆ Charmeleon BIGBANG T.O.P

◆ Goldeen  Angelina Jolie

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