The many kinds of EXO’s Sehun recognised!

The many kinds of EXO’s Sehun recognised!

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterFor Sehun’s fans, this can also be a dream come true for his type styling and impact to be in the end recognised! 

On July 18th, Fashion Chosun named Sehun as one of the vitalhighest dressed contributors of EXO and featured his “normcore” style. The glance which achieves an off-the-cuff yet stylishtastewas once classified into 4main points: basic, black, relaxed and one-point styling.

With the basic, Sehun has a tendencyto check all staple itemsto prevail in a awesome look, averting accessories and other colorful items, with the use of black as his colour of choice, the singer tends to create a unique, trendyappearancethroughemployingother fabrics. Meanwhile, Sehun achieves the “normcore” attraction by dressed incosy clothing, which tends to pay attention on a minimalist style, giving off a peaceful and informal vibe. The remaining “normcore” styling used by Sehun turned into what the stylist dubbed as the one-point styling, which permits the singer to pick out out one item as his major look, whilst keeping the remainder of his trend basic.

The piece also featured an interview with EXO’s stylist who described the singer as having a mature mindset by way of shopping.

Check out the diversities in Sehun’s “normcore” styling below! normcore genre : BASIC Sehuns normcore style : BLACK Sehuns normcore style : CASUAL/COMFORTABLE Sehuns normcore style : ONE-POINT

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