Lee Hi isn't  keen on “False Hope”

Lee Hi isn't keen on “False Hope”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterLee Hi can have given more than what she subtly hinted for when she printedthe only thing that she hates the most. 

Recently, Lee Hi made a different appearance on a are living streaming broadcast where she talked to her lovers about the tracks featured on her closing album Seoulite released last April. However, as she mentioned the music “False Hope,” she gave the name the trace as anything that she hated the most.

According to Lee Hi, men or girls who lead you on and come up with fake hopes when dating, were the object that she hated the most.

The remarkis also subtle, yet fans speculated that excluding dating, Lee Hi’s “False Hope,” could be a coloration thrown opposed to YG Entertainment. If one looks at the comments page of the printed article, some have stated that her firmmight take too contributed to pain felt by way of such false hopes.

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