EXO’s Chen Says He'll  Now not  Settle for Fan Gifts   Explains Why

EXO’s Chen Says He'll Now not Settle for Fan Gifts Explains Why

EXOs Chen Says He'llNow notSettle for Fan Gifts Explains Whykminjungee July 19, 2016 0 EXOs Chen Says He Will No Longer Accept Fan Gifts Explains Why EXOs Chen announces he will no longer accept fan gifts, and hopes lovers will no longer feel the will to.

On July 19, the singer posted a message on EXOs respectable fan page, explaining why and how he got here to make this decision.

After a lovable opening message asking how EXO-Ls are doing, Chen gets to the center of the topic and starts by way ofpronouncing that there are the type ofgreat amount of things the fans have done that he's thankful for, like being his strength and support.

Explaining how hes thankful for all of thegiftsthat folk send, he states that the emotions and intentions of EXO-Ls are lots enough, and implies he will no longer accept gifts.

He continues, You all could also be disappointed, yet somewhere along the way, Ive transform apologetic for the complete gifts Ive received. I wish to say that I use each and everyunmarriedprovide from the ground of my heart, and wish todisplay that to you all, but its not easy.

Chen explains that he also is worried that any personwould possibly misunderstand if he simplest uses sure gifts, thinking that their own gift used to be not gained or liked.

He reiterates, I'm thankful for each little thing, regardless of how small, you give me, and I know these items are meaningful, which is why Ive come to this conclusion!

To conclude, Chen says that he can amply feel everyones feelings and hearts when hes onstage, and when the fans cheer for them loudly. He ends with an encouraging message by saying, So, please dont feel sad, and please continue to be such excellent fans, at the aspect of a middle emoticon.

Meanwhile, EXO will grasp their 3rd solo concert at Olympic Park Stadium, at the Gymnastics Arena, on July 22-24, and 29-31 KST.

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