Simon Dominic Reflects On His “Show Me the money 5” Experience

Simon Dominic Reflects On His “Show Me the money 5” Experience

Simon Dominic Reflects On His Display Me the moneyfiveEnjoy kminjungee July 19, 2016 0 Simon Dominic Reflects On His Show Me the Money 5 Experience As some of the winning manufacturers of Show Me the Money 5, Simon Dominic looks back on his whole experience at the show, and how it affected him his feelings and him as a person.

On July 19, the rapper sat down for an interview where he talks about BewhYs win on the show.

During his winning speech on the general episode, Simon Dominic said, Fourth place Dominic, who was once cursed since his appearance on Show Me the Money 5 became announced, has won in the end. From now on, Sickreside even more enthusiastically. Ive change into more honest afterwardsperformingin this show. Ill change intoany individual whos more active and diligent overall.

The rapper expresses his thank you to rapper BewhY once more, and explains how he feels the time they spent generatingin combination was precious, and a just right experience.

He also candidly discusses how all of the evidence Me the Money 5 experience was a curler coaster of emotions for him. Whilst he says that he felt conflicted after hangingfinal during the producers performances and after wastingby way ofa large margin during the team diss battle, Simon Dominic explains, I felt a combination of emotions each episodesometimes I assumed to myself, What was the point of participating, yet felt higher when I saw that our tracks were doing smartly on the charts.

Simon Dominic and GRAYs efforts as producers undoubtedly paid off, and congratulations to BewhY and team AOMG once more!

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