Kim Yeong-kwang to megastar in

Kim Yeong-kwang to megastar in "Wonderful Lifestyles - 2016"

Actor Kim Yeong-kwang is co-starring with Ma Dong-seok and Lee Yoo-young in the hotfilm "Wonderful Lifestyles - 2016".

"Wonderful Life - 2016" is a myth human drama about a policeman who falls into a coma and gets the assistance ofa guy who he conceptwas once his enemy.

Kim Yeong-kwang takes at the part of a policeman named Tae-jin who can not stand injustice and sacrifices himself for the girl he loves. His role of Tae-jin is a courageousyetgreat young man. Kim Yeong-kwang has been inspecting his character.

Meanwhile, "Wonderful Life - 2016" is cranking in this August.