18 Of The Maximum  Authentic K-Pop Boy Workforce Concepts

18 Of The Maximum Authentic K-Pop Boy Workforce Concepts

18 Of The MaximumOriginal K-Pop Boy TeamIdeas brookenicole July 18, 2016 0 18 Of The Most Exotic K-Pop Boy Organization Concepts We showcased a couple of unique concepts from ladyteamsultimate week. Now, its the boy groups turn. Here are eighteen unique boy group concepts (in no specific order) that stray clear of the norm.

1. The birth of EXOAdmit it. Weve all skipped the narration initially of EXOs debut track video at least one time or twice. But if EXO first dropped the video in 2012, we watched the complete thing and awed at how much effort SM put into world-building the groups exchange universe.

Although EXOs celestial powers made the contributorsa little embarrassed to blow their own horns on sort shows, it used to be a thought nosotros hadnt noticedahead of their debut. The intro chants along side the ominous gownsstraight away set EXO aside and made their debut some of thebest possible to recognize.

2. Love-struck cyborgsVIXX is at all timesfantastic alongside black concepts. Error is not any different. Now not only does the music video rip your center out with its tragic story, but it also displays the VIXX boys as lovely realistic cyborgs.

The choreography even works in the speculation of moving as a robot. Test the music video out below, while you havent already.

3. Dancing in HeelysWe dont give SPEED just aboutadequate credit for dancing in Heelys for their unmarried What U from last year. And we should. Because its amazing.

Watch how without problems they transfer from their normal choreography to gliding around on one wheel at the heel in their shoes in the dance train for What U below.

SPEED in realitymeritsthe complete awards for this, because who can if truth be told skate with the ones Heely contraptions as fluidly as they can? (If youre wondering, the solution is no one.)

4. Dr. Jekyll Mr. HydeVIXX is back at the list with their hyde concept, where the members take on the alternate personalities of literary characters Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Whats undoubtedlyvalue noting this is the choreography. Not just do their white and black outfits contrast the vintagejust right vs. evil conflict, but the choreography does, too. The bad, Mr. Hyde aspect of the members hides in the back of the good, Dr. Jekyll side, and the dark adjust ego regularly peeks out to contradict the whole thingthe nicefacet sings in the song.

This dance will continually amaze you, regardless of how again and again you lot watch it.

5. Inspirational mini menTake into account when GOT7 released this anthem last summer and reminded us to like ourselves? The tune is as vital and iconic now as it changed into terminal year, and itll remain that way for the remainder of eternity.

Plus, the music video became GOT7 into tiny idols swimming in candy and riding in toy cars.

And its fairly hard to overlook a principle like that.

6. Traveling bottles of sodaWith as many groups out as there are correct now, it will also betricky to pop out with a concept we havent visible before. Yet ASTRO does just that during their music video for Breathless.

In it, the men are bottles of soda on the beach. A ladyalternatives the bottles up and puts them all in her cooler. The music video symbolizes the members of ASTRO as those bottles of soda traveling around with her.

Its a cute, original idea thatactuallyis helping the rookie boy group stand out.

7. A 90s K-pop group in the 2010sToppDogg stepped right into the 90s when they dropped the underrated gem Annie back in 2014. The boys even adopt the baggy pants and lively dance moves that made the decade so iconic. Then, to make it their own, they smash out vinyl records and upload IT as spotlightissues to their choreography.

Its a disgrace this one is so underrated. See what youve been lacking out on while you watch the music video above.

8. A trilogy on adolescenceWhile we know and love BTS for freeing Dope in Village People-esque uniforms, their courage to cope withproblems facing kids in their music is one of their most defining characteristics. In its place of dependingonly on themes of love like most groups, BTS creates meaningful lyrics surrounding youth and the force of societal ideals — a thing thats played a widesection in their success.

Check out EPILOGUE: Young For all time below.

9. All blond at debutUsually, when a K-pop group debuts, a minimum of two or 3 members are rocking particularlyother hairstyles to make finding out their names a little easier. But with all six members of B.A.P carrying blond hair in their debut music video, they were definitely the exception.

Remember all the I truly like the blond one jokes that spurred on account of this?

But hey, at the least youll never get B.A.Ps debut puzzled with any other groups.

10. Everything about Fantastic ToddlerReally, though. What precisely was the conceptprocedurein the back of the music video for this one? Fantastic Child is all over the place, from G-Dragons large long hair and T.O.Ps glamour shots to all thebushy things dancing around BIGBANG for no obvious reason.

But its since the music videos so loopy that neatly never forget it, and well staymaking a song along each single year they carry out it at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

11. A funky boy groupAdmittedly, VROMANCE just debuted more than one days ago, but we cant deny that theyre bringing anything new to the K-pop global that we havent viewed in many existing groups. And it doesnt harm that theyre MAMAMOOs brother group, either.

With their candyand cool sound, VROMANCE is one rookie group we cant wait to look more of. Take a glance at their debut music video She below.

12. Adorable boyfriendsTo get started with glance, this one mightlook like your reasonable cute concept for a fresh-out-the-gate boy group. But once you watch Boyfriends dance practice for their insanely catchy debut Boyfriend, youll know the way unique this one is.

Boyfriend have since grown out of their cute phase, but well always treasure the time they were our adorable boyfriends.

13. Electric toy infantrymenHonestly, when can we ever see some other group operate a dance pass equally unique as SHINees human aircraft in Everybody?

One thing you'll never say about SHINee is they arent inventive. Whether theyre long-haired angels like in Ring Ding Dong, dressed inmassive circular black hats for Symptoms, or simply drawing inspiration from classic literature like in Sherlock, we could beready toanticipate SHINee to give us something weve never seen before.

Re-live their Everyonetechnologyby capability ofgazing the music video below.

14. The Wild Wild WestDefinitely one of Super Juniors most entertaining music videos, Mamacita takes a hilarious manner at a comeback concept and puts the men in a wild western town. The tune couples that old western sound with outfits to match, leaving us with one moreundying Super Junior hit.

15. Grown and attractiveTheres something inherently sexy more or less a boy group when they business the outlandish level outfits for garmentswhich are more subdued and manly. But it takes boy groups many yearsto achievethe correct age to tug it off. Luckily, 2PM has reached it, and theyve tackled it brilliantly in contemporary years.

But the grown and sexy concept isnt exclusive. Other boy groups have done it, too. Its just not almost as overused as the bad boy and faculty kid concepts. Investigate cross-check BEASTs attitude on the concept that in the Gotta VisitPaintings music video below.

16. High-roller duoTVXQ never fails to turn U.S.A. exactly why theyre veterans in the K-pop scene. Spellbound takes the 2 gentleman into a complicated have on the lavish, high-stakes lifestyle.

17. Block B circusGranted, circus similar concepts are seen quitenormally in the K-pop world, but Block B makes a speciality of making it their own. Theyve always been a collection that tackles the hip-hop sound differently, and theyve never had to wear jerseys and enormous chains to make their sound authentic.

Block B is unique in either audio and overall concept, and we definitely see that in the music videos for Jackpot, Very Good, and HER.

18. The hilarious Large Byung task groupIts always fun when our favourite idols step out of their groups and hang out with idols from other ones. Big Byung is the most efficient example of that. VIXXs N and Hyuk joined GOT7s Jackson and BTOBs Yook Sungjae to create Big Byung back in 2014, and well always laugh at the funny lyrics in their debut song.

Plus, how are we able to not love Big Byung when they dance like this?

Definitely makes us wish more idols would create project groups.

Whats your favorite boy group concept? Let us know in the comments below!brookenicole is a creative writer with a gigantic honey for K-pop and a bigger love for playlist creation. You can see her on Twitter here.

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