Lee Jin-wook on rape case:

Lee Jin-wook on rape case: "She told me her password", 'A': "I am no longer a con artist"

Actor Lee Jin-wook who is being accused of rape, is claiming that 'A' is a con artist.

According to the filethrough Channel A, Lee Jin-wook reported to police that 'A' gave him her spacedeal with and password below the pretense of asking him to mendanything for her. He also submitted evidence in their conversation.

However, 'A' claimed she never asked him to lend a hand her with anything.

As he used to be making his way to the police station at the 17th, Lee Jin-wook had said, "False accusation is a significant crime if any person thinks they are in a position to put this on me simply becauseI'm famous".

The investigation took 11 hours in which he stated they had sex yet it wasn't under force.

'A's resources are announcing Lee Jin-wook is making her like a feminine con artist and are prepared to combat back with more force.

Meanwhile, 'A' reported Lee Jin-wook of rape on July 15th. It sounds as if they met on July 12th, had a couple ofbeverages and he followed her house where he raped her.