“A” Is Filing More Evidence In Case Opposed to Lee Jin Wook

“A” Is Filing More Evidence In Case Opposed to Lee Jin Wook

A Is Filing More Evidence In Case Opposed to Lee Jin Wookjun2yng July 17, 2016 0 A Is Submitting More Evidence In Case Against Lee Jin Wook Updated July 18 KST: Lee Jin Wook Put onCommute Ban, Firm Voices Frustrations And Suspicions About Accuser

On July 18, the prison illustration of the lady (hereafter often known as “A”) who filed a complaint of sexual attack against actor Lee Jin Wook made a statement to news retailers that “A” would be submitting an harmfile from the clinic to the police for evidence.

Her legal rep said, “Yesterday (July 17), whilst Lee Jin Wook was once being wondered at the Suseo police station, we submitted quite so much of pieces of evidence to the police, addingpictures of A’s body, bruises, broken clothing, and photos from the scene.”

“A” made up our minds to publishthe extra evidence because of Lee Jin Wook’s non-repentant attitude, in keeping with her legal representative. Lee Jin Wook has so far adamantly refuted the claims made by ability of “A,” pronouncing that she is fast to make false accusations based totallyat the sole reality that he's a public figure.

The legal rep acknowledged to BizEnter, “If Lee Jin Wook sincerely felt regret for his movements and apologized, there would were no explanation why to submit the evidence. If Lee Jin Wook continues with this stance, we can exist submitting more evidence.”

In a equivalentcommentary to Megastar Today, the rep said, Because we just need a trustworthy apology from Lee Jin Wook, we didnt submit further evidence. However, Lee Jin Wooks reactionturns out to be aimed at creating aappear to be a gold-digger, so we're going to be taking more potent action.

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