Watch: GFRIEND Teaches You Their “Navillera” Dance

Watch: GFRIEND Teaches You Their “Navillera” Dance

Watch: GFRIEND Teaches You Their Navillera Dancekokoberry July 16, 2016 0 Watch: GFRIEND Teaches You Their Navillera Dance GFRIEND is the maximum recent artist to feature in 1theKs Shall we Dance series. The ladies play some games to decide which contributors will teach other dance moves from their newestnamesong Navillera.

First, they read demanding situations and are expecting whether members may bea success or not. The thrill challenges come with guessing the appropriate kind scale, blowing a balloon, winning a staring match, and more. This results in Yerin and SinB coaching the Dont Let Me Down dance.

The 2d game is the superb musical rhythmdifficulty which comes to the members dancing to a song whilst the beat accelerates and slows down. The members dance to Me Gustas Tu which finally ends up in Sowon and Eunha being the final members standing. They then teach the Disco dance.

For the last challenge, the members acquire into pairs and take a glance at out to clap the loudest at the aspect of one hand each. Yuju and Umji finally finish up winning and teaching the Beginning Point dance.

Watch and be told their Navillera dance below! (English subtitles included!)

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