Lee Jin Wook’s Facet Speaks Up About Sexual Attack Allegations

Lee Jin Wook’s Facet Speaks Up About Sexual Attack Allegations

Lee Jin Wooks Aspect Speaks Up About Sexual Attack Allegationskokoberry July 15, 2016 0 Lee Jin Wooks Side Speaks Up About Sexual Assault Allegations On July 15, Lee Jin Wook used to be accused of sexual assault by ability ofa lady in her early 30s generally known as A.

After denying the allegations, his firm spoke up about the case and released an authentic statement. CCO ENS stated, First of all, Lee Jin Wook would love to sincerely express regret for any problembrought about by this unsavory event.

They continued, We might bein a position toobviouslylet you know that the sexual assault discussed in media reports did no longer happen. We plan on taking criminal action for false accusation opposed to the plaintiff. Lee Jin Wook will cooperate with the investigation so asto expose the truth. We deeply apologize to lovers and people who have shown unchanging love and support.

Furthermore, a source just about Lee Jin Wook spoke to news retailers and claimed that the plaintiff is in reality Lee Jin Wooks girlfriend. The source said, They were assembly amongstjust right intentions so he can'tagree withthose sexual assault allegations that got here up suddenly. Ive known Lee Jin Wook for a long time and hes no doubtno longerthe kindto invite out any individual first or behave in a forceful manner. Its regrettable that he were givenstuck up in this unfair situation. It practicallyturns out like its a trap.

The police are these days investigating the plaintiff and her allegations. Following this, they'll summon and investigate Lee Jin Wook.

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