Song Il Gook Talks About Option Of Triplets Acting On Television Again

Song Il Gook Talks About Option Of Triplets Acting On Television Again

Song Il Gook Talks About Choice Of Triplets Acting On TelevisionBack JiwonYu July 15, 2016 0 Song Il Gook Talks About Possibility Of Triplets Appearing On TV Again Actor Song Il Gook sat down for an interview to advertise his newest musical 42nd Side road where he mentionedthe prospect of the triplets (Daehan, Minguk, and Manse) appearing on TV again.

When asked Is there a possibility of the triplets appearing on TV again? the father says, The children take grown too much to lookat theGo back of Superman. I dont think so. I could beready toseem on TV every timeI am gettingthe dangeryet ane dont think the teens will.

Ever since leaving The Return of Superman, Song Il Gook has install an Instagram account to update enthusiasts on how the triplets are doing.

He comments, I have a host of footage to upload on Instagram. It takes me about 30~40 mins to edit a video and upload it but I dont have time to do that.

He also talks about the triplets slowly finding out what his task is, saying, I suspect they know that their father is functioning on stage. When I asked What does dad do? they first answered, Jang Young Shil but now they say Julian Marsh. They startedto switch a year ago. They know evidently about what their mother does, and now they know a little about what their dad does, too.

What if the triplets wish toturn into actors? Song Il Gook says, My mom never forced me to do anything. She at all times supported what I do and allowed me to do it. Similar to how she supported me, I wish toreinforce them in their dreams so long as they arent crimes.

Meanwhile, Song Il Gook is these days performing in his musical 42nd Road every bitthe foremost lead Julian Marsh.

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