Photos Added posters and up to date  solid for the impending Korean film

Photos Added posters and up to date solid for the impending Korean film "Han River"

Added posters and up to datesolid for the approaching Korean film "Han River" (2014)Directed by way of Lee Moo-yeongWith Bong Man-dae, Ki Tae-yeong, Kim Jeong-seok, Kim Hee-jeong-I, Lee Kyeong-mi-II, Go Won-hee-I,... MoreSynopsisCatholic priest, Myeong-jun, climbs up probably the most bridges crossing the Han River to devote suicide after studying that a lady who enjoyed him in the past, has killed herself. Then Jang-hyo, a homeless person, tells the guyat the bridge that he bet with other homeless other people that the suicide strive will fail. Myeong-jun jumps into the river anyway. Yet Jang-hyo rescues the suicidal priest and shall we him sign up for the homeless community. Chu-ja, a transgender homeless person, is on bad terms with his daughter. When he hesitates about attending his daughter's wedding, the 2 men talk over with the daughter and ask her to forgive her father. Every other homeless person, Maria is going to a soup kitchen at a Catholic church, where she sees the gorgeous nun Angela. Maria, who was once pregnant at the time, supplies birth to a toddler later and comes to a decisionto stay at the church to be a sister. Regardless of their own painful history, each and every of those4individualsrevealssome way to reconcile with the past.Release date in Korea : 2016/09