Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 7

Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 7

"Wanted"has been raising more questions than it's been answering and each personseems like a suspect. The creators make a choiceto give roughly answers in episode seven, giving audience some pay-off for the guessing game we have got been going thru then far. Some connections between culprits and sufferers are explained, the nature of positive characters becomes clearer and the elephant in the room is addressed when the display comes beneath serious scrutiny for its fatal influence.

A way of keeping viewers invested in a mystery is understanding how much to show and when. The onescollaboratingwant to feel engaged and curious, yet if things remain confusing for too long, many are bound to discover IT tedious and give up."Wanted"makes the sensibleselectionto bare the kidnapper or one of the vital kidnappers and give us his talewhilst still opening a new branch in the mystery. This isthe relationship of Hye-in's (Kim Ah-joong) ex-husband to this case.

Advertisement We have the connection of Na Soo-hyeon (Lee Jae-kyoon) to Ham Tae-yeong and we know his brother, Na Jae-hyeon is hooked up to Kim Sang-sik (Seo Hyeon-cheol) and the persons focused on that case. I'm still curious how the abusive Kim from the primary event is related. A phase of me feels Ji-eun (Shim Eun-woo) might be the Nam sister hiding in the back of a faked death, but she would should be 15 years old for that to make sense and i'mundecided of Ji-eun's age.

I agree with the age of crookobligation in South Korea is 14 so Ji-eun can be a small fry and in prison, but why did we never see any schoolmates questioned? Most likely this is plain to Korean viewers and I am just lackingvital information. Still, it feels like a neglected opportunity, because her emotional connection to her project is clear. Na Yeong-hyeon died just as Soo-hyeon entered the military. This sort of twist may have been Jae-hyeon's try to hide either while whatever ended up killing him two years later went down.

Putting my far-fetched conjecture aside, Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong) gets some construction and is going deeper into dark puts amongsteach and every episode. Having his authority defied by skill of his team will also be dangerous, but it poses some appealing questions. How a ways can they pass to save one life? Is the loss of more lives and glamorization of vigilantism okay? Where is the censorship frame in all of this? Are they too busy deciding at the morally appropriate duration of drama kisses?

Episode seven has left me rather satisfied, even if I do in finding the kidnapper's simplebreak out likewise silly, bearing in mind the spacemust exist flooded with the authorities. I'd also appreciate other camera angles for the provein the show. The use ofthe similar shots we see as drama viewers feels lazy. I have minor gripes with the series, but not anything deal breaking so far.

"Wanted"is directed byPark Yong-soon, written byHan Ji-wan-Iand featuresKim Ah-joong,Ji Hyeon-woo,Eom Tae-woongandPark Hae-joon.