Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 15

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 15

There are two mainseverecomplications in"Lucky Romance". The primary is that lots of the drama's concepts are undeveloped. The second, more complexhassle is that maximum of the drama's ideas are truly clichd and bad, so coming up them would make"Lucky Romance"worse in position of better. This factor kept coming back to me staring at this episode, which is painfully predictable as Soo-ho is hospitalized, whilst Bonnie gets scared and affects a ultimate minute separation.

The largedifficulty alongside this scripting is that via design it inhibits interplay between Soo-ho and Bonnie, when their interaction is by some distance the drama's best dynamic. Were I to chart episodes by what percentage of the time Soo-ho and Bonnie are on-screen together, the most productive episodes would fairlyfor sure exist the ones with the top percentage. Whether they arecombating or being adorable is rather but even so the point.Ryu Jun-yeolandHwang Jeong-eumknow how to do romantic comedy.

Their chops at romantic drama are lower than impressive, even ifthat can be more an issue with the direction. It isdifficult to pin-point any unmarried weakness of"Lucky Romance"because there are numerous them. The majorthingfighting the drama from being awful is the usuallyuninteresting nature of the plot, yet the script is so disinterested in its own tale that it'llregularlyput from your mind major plot issuesslightly an episode after they're introduced.

AdvertisementNote, for example, that it turns out that the hackers just won- there isn't any indication post time-skip that Soo-ho ever if fact be told solved that problem. He does stay the bumbling idiot who created that crisis round the office, though, so who knows, perhaps there can be some type of unsatisfying answer to all that. But even potentially appealing story components but fade out and in at random. The manner Soo-ho's dad reacted to Soo-ho's coincidenceused to be sweet, but it might take had a load moreaffect if up till now he'd been portrayed as anything elseapart from a drunkard come angry cuckold.

That's what isactually been lacking in"Lucky Romance"- a feeling of intensity to persona relationships until when the actors are just rightample to go beyond that. The Dal-nim/Jang-hwa romance has had about as much exposition as any of the opposite random plotlines, yet it is substantially more memorable because those characters are portrayed with genuinely interesting passion. Why could notall the drama have just been about that roughly interplay?