Watch: SEVENTEEN And sweetness  Women Play The Honesty Game

Watch: SEVENTEEN And sweetness Women Play The Honesty Game

Watch: SEVENTEEN And sweetnessLadies Play The “Honesty Game”notclaira July 13, 2016 0 Watch: SEVENTEEN And Wonder Girls Play The “Honesty Game” A different “Hidden Stage” segment for a song program interviewed two teams that currently made a comeback.

First up used to bethe sweetness Girls. The 4contributors were asked to position on headphones whilstthe alternative members talked truthfully or so them. The member dressed in headphones would bestto find out what changed into being acknowledgedthroughout the broadcast.

Sunmi and Hyelim were selected as the “victims,” yet the other members praised their paintings ethic and shared their hopes for their future. However, this didn’t forestall Hyelim from getting paranoid when it was her turn!

SEVENTEEN was the 2nd onestaff to be interviewed, and they selected four members to sit down down in the “hot seat.”

The8 was up first and nodded along like he maylisten what all and sundry was announcing (which fooled nobody). One of the vital members took the opportunity to take merit ofcasual language, even though the message they delivered was sweet.

Maknae Dino and leader S.Coups were the remaining to be talked about. On S.Coups’ turn, one in their members expressed his worry that the leader could be stealing his moisturizer. The entire members are stunned when S.Coups took off his headphones and asked, “What were you asserting about lotion?”

Although technically S.Coups “cheated,” Seungkwan praised him (much to the other members’ annoyance), which got here back to bite him later. After every other game, Dino was chosen to obtain a special punishment that he had to do on stage!

Watch the video with English subtitles below!

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