“Show Me The Money” Finalists Make 1st Position Promises, Divulge  Ultimate  Functionality Concepts

“Show Me The Money” Finalists Make 1st Position Promises, Divulge Ultimate Functionality Concepts

Show Me The money Finalists Make 1st Position Promises, DiscloseUltimateFunctionalityIdeas ehk38 July 13, 2016 0 Show Me The Money Finalists Make 1st Place Promises, Reveal Last Performance Concepts Rappers BewhY, C Jamm, and Superbee, the rest3 finalists of Display Me the Money five dish on their final performance concepts and make first place promises.

This final performances idea is a musical, BewhY reveals. This levelmay be even more groundbreaking than my outdated stages.

C Jamm says, If I were to describe my final stage in one phrase, it should exist C Jamm and Ryu Sung Min (C Jamms birth name), I wish totruthfully depict eitherthe individual Ryu Sung Min and the rapper C Jamm.

Superbee stocks more coyly, I'm hoping to place on a stage that has never been observed in the general competitive performances. I am making plans on making ready a stage that has a component of surprise.

When asked what they'll make if they win, the head three are all crossgiant or go home.

I will do a re-make of my track video for A-YO, C Jamm answers. I wish to make a music video this isencouragedby way of the UCC. BewhY will seem in it.

Superbee responds, If I win, I canobserve to be a contestant at the new season of Prove Me the Money next year. He explains that he needs to do the exceptional and be the primary winner to compete back in a following season.

I needto hang a loose performance, BewhY shares.

The finals of Mnets Reveal Me the Money 5 will be broadcast continue to exist July 15 at 11 p.m. KST. The finalists will be acting for an target audience of approximately 9,000 people, the maximum important audience yet for a finals performance.

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