Everyone In Korea Needs To Play Pokemon Move In Sokcho (Including Chanyeol)

Everyone In Korea Needs To Play Pokemon Move In Sokcho (Including Chanyeol)

Everyone In Korea Needs To Play Pokemon Cross In Sokcho (Including Chanyeol)vikimiki July 13, 2016 0 Everyone In Korea Wants To Play Pokemon Go In Sokcho (Including Chanyeol) South Korea is one of the countries that experience yet to enjoy the goodness this is Pokemon Go – yet that hasn’t stopped some enterprising avid gamers from finding a workaround.

While no legit explanation has been given, many of usconsider the loss offree up is partiallybecause of the government’s heavy safety laws, which restrict Google Maps from being utterly operational in South Korea. Ironically, apparently as even though Pokemon Go works in North Korea, which has been very well mapped by capability of Google. A Reddit user named GhostXavier posted a screenshot which purportedly presentations a Pokemon Go gym at the other facet of the DMZ. Needless to say, that gym will most probably remain unclaimed.

Thankfully, South Koreans who are loopy for Pokemon have any other option. The sport has been came upon to paintings in a small seashorethe city called Sokcho, situated at the northeast tip of South Korea. It seems that Sokcho’s location falls out of doorsthe limits of a map devicein the past used by the game’s developer, Niantic. The game does now notdisplay screencomplete mapping data, but in a other way appears functional.

You guessed it – bus tickets to Sokcho sold out for the day, and folks are converging upon the small town middle and beaches to catch quite so much of Pokemon, enjoy the sea breeze, and consume the sashimi and red crab for which Sokcho is famous. Among those thatmightwould like to take a go back and forth in the close tolong run is EXOs Chanyeol, who posted a video of his forlorn-looking Pokemon Go character, stuck in empty space. Deficient Chanyeol.

Sokcho officials are surprised, but welcoming. They’ve posted a wifi map highlighting the entire hotspots in their city. After sampling the game with town officials, the mayor of Sokcho wanted prospective players glad hunting.

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