Drama Review 'Doctors' Episode 8

Drama Review 'Doctors' Episode 8

Having it turns out thatdiscovered that too much power has been prolonged on social relationships lately, the production team dedicates much of this episode to precise doctoring. First there is the accidental crisis Hye-jeong and Soo-cheol created through failing to watchright kind traffic protection precautions, then there's the more built-up storyline in regards to the prospective Olympic archer. Either operations crossslightly smoothly with out agenuine hitches.

"Doctors"is satisfactory entertainment if that is all you arein point of facttaking a look for- just a number of actors striking on white coats and gambling at being scientific professionals. Yet the drama's loss of ambition to do a lot more than this is unavoidably off-putting. Whilstthe entireperception of wide conscious hand surgical procedure is interesting, it isthe model ofoverallpassionsubject that's more well-suited to a mag article or a public news record than it's far to narrative storytelling.

The bestpersonality that has the restcoming near a trulyappealing arc is, once again, Seo-woo. Unlike Hye-jeong, Seo-woo is able to failure and making mistakes, and staring at Seo-woo battle alongsidethoseselectionswithin reason dramatic. It also feels more than a little unfair. I am not a doctor, but given the guidelines nosotros were presented with, Seo-woo's medical opinion gave the impression perfectly reasonable, and in drugs like in any other field, dissenting critiques are vitaleven ifthey are wrong.

AdvertisementIt regularlysounds like Seo-woo is given the bloodless shoulder by other characters less because ofprivate failing and more due to the how she has the temerity to contradict Hye-jeong. The results of this are especially unlucky because Ji-hong and Yoon-do are both gunning for a dating with Hye-jeong. Not just is this technically sexual harassment, but additionally it is an superbcriminal argument for clouded judgment. If we ever get to a state of affairs where Seo-woo is good and Hye-jeong is wrong, this favoritism may neatly be used as a cudgel to attack them the similar way they hit Seo-woo.

Granted, Seo-woo has her own surreptitious romantic motive. But I amvulnerable to view her movements more favorably because no less than Seo-woo's romantic aspirations dovetail with looking to create an easierrunning relationship between medical institutionmanagement and health facility staff. It just moves me as hugely unfair that when her role in Soo-cheol's accident, at the finish of this episode Hye-jeong gets yet every other carefree romantic adventure with Ji-hong while Seo-woo is left crying into her telephone when a badly timed text seems to were perfectly designed to mock and humiliate her.