First Poster Printed For “Cinderella And The 4 Knights”

First Poster Printed For “Cinderella And The 4 Knights”

First Poster Printed For Cinderella And The 4 Knightsjun2yng July 13, 2016 0 First Poster Revealed For Cinderella And The Four Knights Amid the flood of hot dramas we’re taking a lookahead to in the 2d onepart of 2016, tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Cinderella and the Four Knights” is coming soon!

The first of 16 episodes scheduled to air on August 12 at 11 p.m., the display just released its first authentic poster featuring our feminine lead Park So Dam the four stunning men in her lifestyles — Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyun, CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin, and Choi Min — as neatly as A Pink’s Son Naeun.

The production team of workers said, “The major poster reflects the picture and tale that the drama might be portraying. We can soon be revealing personality posters and the characters’ reviews one via one.”

Cinderella and the Four Knights is seta girl (Park So Dam) who finally ends up living with the rich sons of a corporate family, charged with a selectedassignmentreferring to her housemates.

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