Spoiler 'Bring It On, Ghost' Taecyeon wonder kisses Kim So-hyeon-I

Spoiler 'Bring It On, Ghost' Taecyeon wonder kisses Kim So-hyeon-I

'Bring It On, Ghost' romance has begun as Taecyeon marvel kissed Kim So-hyeon-I.

On the episode 2 of tvN's new Monday Tuesday drama, 'Bring It On, Ghost', Park Bong-pal (Taecyeon) captured a ghost thank you to the lend a hand from Kim Hyeon-ji (Kim So-hyeon-I). This helped their courting progress.

The topfacultylady ghost Kim Hyeon-ji with amnesia mayhave in minda work of her lost reminiscence subsequently she by accident kissed Park Bong-pal. She attempted to kiss him back several times seeking to bring back more of her lost memory. However, Park Bong-pal gave her no room whilst acting defensive very well to refuse her kiss. As the result, Kim Hyeon-ji kept following Park Bong-pal around closely.

Kim Hyeon-ji even helped Park Bong-pal take a same magnificence with his one-side love . In the meantime, GhostNet Choi Cheon-sang (Kang Ki-yeong) and Kim In-rang (Lee David) began following after Park Bong-pal in order thatthey maymovie a ghost and save their club. The 2discovered out Park Bong-pal had special skillto lookor even touch a ghost.

Park Bong-pal and Kim Hyeon-ji went to a motel to capture a ghost per request from someone. And Choi Cheon-sang and Kim In-rang also followed Park Bong-pal to the motel.

After Park Bong-pal may capture the ghost thanks to Kim Hyeon-ji's help, he asked her, "Why do you remain next to me. Do you prefer me? Or are you attracted to my masculine energy..." Kim Hyeon-ji confessed shyly, "I lost the entire memory. YetI maydo not forgetanything after the incident". Park Bong-pal acted he used to be ignoring what she said. But he surprise kissed her. And it turned intothe actualstartingin their romance.