Wonder Girls’ Sunmi Doesn’t Know Yubin’s Telephone Number

Wonder Girls’ Sunmi Doesn’t Know Yubin’s Telephone Number

Wonder Ladies Sunmi Doesnt Know Yubins Telephone Number?JiwonYu July 11, 2016 0 Wonder Girls Sunmi Doesnt Know Yubins Phone Number? Wonder Girls paid a talk over with to SBS PowerFMs Lee Guk Joos Young Boulevard radio station on July 11 and mentioned how their contemporary comeback promotions are going.

Yeeun first greets Lee Guk Joo saying, I sought afterto look on Young Highway the maximumwhilstgetting ready our comeback.

During the show, one listener sends in a question asking, What are the contributors names stored as in your phones?

Surprisingly, Sunmi says, I dont know Yubins phone number, making DJ Lee Guk Joo and other members flustered.

Then Sunmi explains, Its no longer been long since Yubin replaced her phone number. Since we are sellingpresently and we see every other each day, theres no want to ask for her number.

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